Why use Exec-Relocations?

Companies are increasingly recognizing the benefits of offering relocation to its corporate transferees knowing that it increases the executive's ability to adapt to a new environment and focus on the new role from day one.

Exec-Relocations offers a highly-personalised relocations service providing a one-stop source of information on all aspects of living in Sydney.

  • Stress Free Relocation Services
  • On the Ground in Sydney
  • Personalised Relocation Service to Sydney
  • Full Real Estate License
  • Buyer's Agent


How do our relocation services vary?

Each Exec-Relocations programme is tailored to meet the individual or family needs. The Exec-Relocations consultant liaises with both the company and the transferee to establish the duration of each service.

We do not complicate the process by offering different packages or levels - the same high level of service is offered on every programme - the only thing that differs is the amount of days each programme involves.

  • Relocation Services tailored to your needs
  • Timeline Management
  • High Level of Service regardless of Relocation needs


How is each relocation service charged?

The programmes are charged on a daily rate according to days spent with the client.

There are no add-on costs (eg. fuel), therefore ensuring that the costing process is a simple one.

  • Daily Rate
  • No Hidden Extras


Do you only show properties in certain suburbs?

No - Exec-Relocations covers the whole of the Sydney metropolitan area - sometimes the client already knows what areas they want to live in - sometimes the consultants pick areas that closely fit their criteria.

Usually a programme involves looking at properties in up to 5 different suburbs.

  • We cover the whole of Sydney
  • We listen to what you want and then deliver it
  • Areas that will fit your criteria


Why is Exec-Relocations a Unique Relocations Company?

Exec-Relocations offers a highly personalized service because the consultant is hands-on at all stages of the programme, from the initial meeting with the client (company) through to completion with the transferee.

This avoids grey areas where the programme is initially sold in one form and delivered in another.

This can often happen with large relocations companies when a sales team is responsible for business development.

  • Highly Personalised Relocation Service to Sydney
  • Hands on Approach

    As a fully licensed real estate agent in the Sydney real estate market, we are in a unique position to fully understand the ins and outs of Sydney's tricky market and work effectively within it. 

  • Transparent processes - what you see is what you get.


What are people saying about Exec-Relocations?

Exec-Relocations has worked with many different companies and individuals, view our testimonials to see what their experience with us was like.