Choosing a executive relocation service is easy with Exec-Relocations. The only major decision to make is how long the programme is going to be.

We offer the same high level of personalised service whether it is for a one day relocation programme or an unlimited programme.

Exec-Relocations provides a personalised relocation service.

Our Relocation consultants organise:

  • Local familiarisation - Sydney has a large metropolitan area and is very confusing for newcomers to decide where they want to live. We help you make this decision by matching your requirements in terms of lifestyle, transport, location of office, family and budget to relevant areas and once selected, we familiarise you with local facilities so you know how to access shops, restaurants, supermarket, banks, hospitals etc. A tour of local Sydney areas and facilities are organised based on each Executive's needs.
  • Viewing of properties within a predetermined price range - this involves setting up appointments with relevant Sydney real estate agents and in general being able to view those properties outside of Open Inspections, therefore increasing the chances of successful Applications.
  • Follow up service - Once a property has been secured, the Relocation Consultant liaises with the agent on rent, leases, property inspection reports, move-in date and connection of utilities.
  • Selection of schools - research is done into appropriate schools and appointments are then set up with the relevant schools. NB - non-Australian residents (on a 457 visa) pay an annual entrance fee per child to enter government schools in NSW. This fee is currently $5,000 for K-10 and $6,000 for Years 11-12 (2016) per child per annum. For more information, please go to and click on international students (457 Visas)
  • Project Co-ordination - Exec-Relocations offershighly personalized relocation assistance because the Relocation Consultant is hands-on at all stages of the programme, from the initial meeting with the Client through to completion of all relocation services. This avoids grey areas where the programme is initially sold in one form and delivered in another. This can often happen with large relocations companies when a sales team is responsible for business development but not the delivery of the programme.
  • Julieanne McCartney, Director of Exec-Relocations, is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent and qualified Buyer's Agent.

Contact Exec-Relocations and let us help tailor a relocation service that best meets your needs so your move to Sydney is stress free.