Things you need to know before you move to Australia

'Relocating to a new city or new country can be daunting. Here are some things to do before you go.'

Cancel all contracts, utilities, mobile phone, house insurance, health insurance, car insurance and all direct debits - always do it in writing and keep a copy
Mail redirection - Sort it out before you leave

Back-up all data - If you have a laptop to use while PC is being transported, copy all email addresses, and back-up all your data.
Bring Documents! Medicare and some Private Health Funds have reciprocal arrangements with overseas suppliers (eg. NHS and BUPA in the UK) but need to see proof of insurance in country of origin.

Children - bring school reports, vaccination records and any medical notes.

Applications to Rent - Agents like to see references and confirmation of employment. References should be from previous agents stating excellent rental history, or, if you own a property, from an agent stating excellent condition.
Pets if you plan on bringing pets - its always useful to get a reference on it! Australia has very strict quarantine regulations and Exec-Relocations can provide advice on this.